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17 Reasons Pastors Should Write a Book

Our book publishing team includes professional editors, designers, marketers, publicists, and distributors. You can count on our experience to produce a high-quality book you’ll be proud to share with readers. We strive to publish books of the same quality and readership as books coming from traditional publishers you’ve come to trust.

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Books literally change lives for the Gospel. This is why church leaders write and publish books, and why Equip Press serves to transform their message into high-quality books.

Equip comes alongside to help you get beyond the walls of your church and reach the world with your message. Our unique marketing & distribution network gives you an effective way to expand your ministry.

Pastor, you shepherd a church looking to you for leadership and spiritual guidance. Your days are packed with innumerable opportunities to influence and communicate God’s Truth.

So why, with your busy job and maxed-out social calendar, would you ever want to take the time to write a book? Glad you asked!

Here are 17 reasons every pastor should consider writing a book:

#1. Writing a book can increase the audience your message can reach

#2. Your message isn’t “cut-short” or minimized by a preaching clock

#3. A book is another way to pastor your church … not everyone is an auditory learner

#4. You will leave a legacy beyond your years

#5. A writing project can deeply motivate and get you up in the morning

#6. Writing will significantly expand your sermon repertoire

#7. You join a massive and historic church tradition dating back centuries

#8. Writing a book will increase clarity of thought and teach you to zero-in on your point

#9. Working on a book will give you daily inspiration to share with your congregation

#10. A book has great power to change minds, relationships, lives, and eternal destinations

#11. You will learn to study better, research harder, and become more studious

#12. Publishing a book will increase your credibility as a pastor and leader

#13. You will inspire young pastors both in your community as well as globally

#14. Publishing a book is more clear and less expensive than ever

#15. Launching a book can unite your church community as they join your call

#16. God’s work in your life and community will be preserved well beyond your church name

#17. God’s message has never been easy to communicate, but that doesn’t make it any less important to do your best to reach the most people

Now you know why pastors write, but do you know how to get started?

Equip Press was created to come alongside pastors and church leaders to help with everything from writing ideas to distribution and marketing. Get started today and download the free Self-Publishing Guide.

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