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3 Tips for Becoming a More Productive Writer

3 Tips for Becoming a More Productive WriterLet’s face it, we writers are very challenged today in this age of distraction. We often struggle just to find the time and the means to be more productive. As we juggle various commitments, as well as dealing all the usual suspects like self-sabotage and procrastination, it can very quickly feel like we are losing ground.

Readers Expect Authors to Keep Releasing New Books

There are many of us who would love to learn how to become a much more productive writer. This is particularly true for those writers who have the career out of cranking out and writing books. These authors have to be productive and self-driven, and they must keep writing books to maintain and build a fan base.  Whenever a reader finds writers that they really like, they will proceed to read every single that this author has written. And this is exactly what every author wants because they know these fans are waiting for new books – all they need do is keep writing them.

The Real Truth about Productivity

There are many writers out there who make it a point to write every single day – because they feel that they must to be productive. On the other hand, there are yet others who write very sporadically, they may go months without writing anything, for various reasons.

But the hard cold fact is that the number of words you write daily does not correlate with your productivity. It really depends on the purpose and quality of your writing.

There are lots of writers out there who hardly get an hour or two to write each week, yet they manage to crank out lots of books per year – and more so than many authors who write daily. Do not fool yourself by thinking and believing that writing fast means you write more books than writing slow. We are seeing too many cases where it is not true. Remember the tortoise and the hare fable?

Thus, time is not equal to productivity. So let us take a look at three tips for being a more productive writer.

3 Tips to Become a More Productive Writer

Watch out for those excuses. All of us tend to use excuses for not writing. But if we really desire more productivity, we need to assess which of our excuses actually have merit and which are just feeble attempts to procrastinate. All writers will procrastinate occasionally—so don’t feel alone!

Make a list of excuses that you like to use and then challenge them. Now make out a reasonable schedule for your writing – and stick to this schedule.

Work around your self-sabotage. The one thing that negatively impacts lots of writers is having feelings that their work is unacceptable and lousy. This feeling doesn’t stop there – it also leads to worrying too much about what their readers will think, their about all the rejection, about poor reviews, and the list goes on and one. So when we try to write, that little critical devil on our shoulder keeps whispering negative feedback in our ears.

Again, it is time for another list to identify the behaviors that are slowing you down. Then list all the very worst things that could happen and decide how you would deal with them. Congratulations – you just disarmed that little devil on your shoulder.

Determine your best time to write. Our energy goes up and down throughout the day. Thus, we need to understand how our own personal biorhythm behaves. This will tell you exactly the best time for you to be writing. You want to be writing when all your facilities are at their peak levels – this will provide very best of your skills.

Remember that 1000 words written during your peak time is more valuable than 5000 words written at any other time. Why? Because 5000 poorly written words can make your readers close your book and move on to someone else’s book – especially if those words are in the beginning of your book.


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