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5 Reasons to Podcast Your Fiction

5 Reasons to Podcast Your FictionIf you write fiction, then it is probably a great idea to put your work in front of as many people as you possibly can. All successful authors will tell you that promoting your book and stories is probably more critical than writing it in the first place.

One of the most overlooked ways of promoting your book is to use podcasts to promote your fiction. I guarantee you that most writers you will talk to are not using podcasts. This is truly a shame because it is actually a great way to get your voice heard by potentially lots of readers.

Why Do Your Write?

You have to ask yourself why you write and express your creativity. Is it for the love of reading or reaching people with your message? Regardless of the reasons, when you decide to podcast your fiction, you could actually life-changing.

Many of today’s authors and writers choose to make the jump into podcasting their fiction after many years. Perhaps the biggest example of this is the American horror and sci-fi writer Scott Sigler. In the year 2007, Sigler changed his approach from merely giving away free content to podcasting, and was then nailing the Amazon best seller list consistently because of his awesome book Ancestor.

And while deciding to crank up podcast is not a guarantee to experience these kinds of successes like Sigler enjoyed, there are still lots of ways it would still benefit you.

Let us look at five primary reasons why writers ought to podcast their stories

1) Read Your Work Aloud

This may seem obvious, but lots of good writers tend to overlook this as a part of this process. Your verbiage and monologues probably read wonderfully inside your head. But when you read them aloud you will amazingly find a few clunky sentences. It is actually an easy and very effective way to polish your craft.

2) Polish Your Dialogue

There are lots of various ways to podcast your fiction, but when you read out your words verbatim, you turn them into an audio drama. Regardless of how you go about it, the character dialogue will always be an important of the story. Reading aloud allows you to test your dialog and polish it accordingly.

3) Get Some Feedback

When you start podcasting, you are getting some of your work out there for the public. This is something that you can present to online writing communities and ask for their opinions. You will find that many of these communities are very eager to help each other with their writing skills.

4) Build a Fanbase

One of the most rewarding parts of having a regular and routine podcast is that it allows you to build a fanbase. There is nothing more that contributes more to the success of an author is to have loyal fans who are eager to read their next novel.

5) Expanding Opportunities

Whenever you are publishing a regular podcast, you will gain more and more listeners. Each time your podcast is downloaded, this mean you have a new connection which can lead to more and more opportunities. Why? Because each download is not necessarily another fan and person wanting some fiction, there are influential publishers, literary agents, or even celebrities who could also be downloading your podcast – any of these could be life changing.

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