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5 Things You Must Do For Your First Book Launch

Things You Must Do For Your First Book LaunchYou have worked hard getting your first look finished, so let us look at some things you must do for your first book launch. Yes, writing about was very important and it required a lot of effort, but now you are facing another big task.

The fact is it doesn’t really matter how good your book is, if no one knows about it then it will not get read. This is the cold hard truth of book publishing. Now that we understand this basic fact about promoting their book, let us look at the five things that we have to do for her first book launch.

Take Time to Enjoy this Moment

Just take a minute and enjoy what you have accomplished. Take a moment to realize that you are giving back to the world in the form of your writing skills. You know that your book is good, otherwise you wouldn’t be publishing it. Yes, there are a lot more work to be done. But do not overlook what has already been accomplished thus far.

Perfect your Manuscript

Take a moment to acknowledge all the individuals who have helped you do this. We are talking about your editor, your agent, and even your book designer. And there are probably several more that need your acknowledgment. But do not let up at this point. You must have a perfect manuscript.

Treat your Book Launch as if you were Launching a Business

If you tell to any very successful indie writers, they will quickly tell you that you must treat a book launch as if it were a business. You must be prepared to do a lot of your own promotion and marketing – which is exactly what a business would do. And I understand you will have to cough up some of your own money in order to earn money from your sales.

Have a Book Marketing Plan

You have to to do this right away. Do not put this off after your book is released. Do not even start thinking about your next book because no one will know you if your first book isn’t marketed properly. To begin with, there must be a press release, and it must be a high quality press release. If your publisher isn’t doing this, then you need to do it yourself.

You should make a list of all your local media. Set up by local press conference if you can, and then have it double as a book signing event. Invite everyone you can think of to this event.

Make a list of local bookstores and approached him about having a book signing. Call them often until you get the definitive response one way or the other.

Establish yourself on social media channels if you haven’t already. Get very active on those channels and even purchase advertising where appropriate. Also set up a blog and discuss what is happening with you in your book.

Build an e-mailing list

This is not as hard as it seems. In fact, it is quite simple to set up an auto responder so that interested readers can opt in to your online newsletter. You just have to be willing to offer them something of value in exchange for joining your newsletter.

Build your Community and Engage with them

Discover who your readers are and start engaging with them. You will find that your social media channels and your blog will become extremely valuable tools for building your community.

Hopefully, you will get started right away on these 5 things you must do for your first book launch.


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