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6 Ways to Build your Author Brand

6 Ways to Build your Author BrandWhen writers are starting out, they usually have no clue as to how to build your author brand. In fact, they usually are not even considering what to do about branding at all. Another problem with this is that many times you might accidentally build your author brand in a way that is undesirable. Thus, if you do not manage the way your brand is built, then it is going to get built for you. So why not build your brand as a writer in a desirable way?

Here are six ways to begin building an author brand that has purpose and gives you a chance to control the outcome.

Take the steps to identify your reader

Always ask yourself just who are the ones that are reading your books and material? What are their dreams and desires? How old are they and how much money do they earn?

Believe it or not, it is critical to know these things about your fans. You might look at them as an avatar – perhaps a character in your story that seems a little fictional, but is not really.

This is not something you decide to find out in one evening. It takes a bit of time to define your ideal ready in a way that will be worthwhile. You actually need to live in their shoes for a bit – just as you would a character one of your stories.

Cultivate a voice for your brand

Once you know who your brand is trying to speak to, it’s time to look inwardly at yourself.

No, this does not mean you are reinventing yourself into a fictional character that others would like you to be.

This is the process finding the qualities in yourself to enhance and emphasize in public. You find the right tone for your readers and use this tone across your social media accounts and your marketing content. It is not a phony way to communicate; instead it is a consistent way to communicate.

Over time, you blend the values of your readers and your own values into the voice of your brand. It takes time, but become more effective over time.

Figure out your Unique Selling Point

This is very important. You need to be able to tell anyone what your brand offers that no other brand in your genre offers. This is the very reason when your readers buy your books instead of someone else’s books.

Set some Parameters and Standards

This is where you establish more brand consistency, so your readers know what to expect. They need to know when you post a new blog post, when you will post a new video (if you do videos), when you will release new books, etc.

The important thing to note here is it really doesn’t matter what your parameters and standards are, it only matters that you set them and fulfill them religiously. Once they are set, you must never fail to meet them.

Understand what is being branded

This is a very common mistake for authors who have enjoyed a successful book. They forget what they are branding and it is understandable. What happens is they become the brand of this wildly successful book. You have to remember that you will be creating future books and stories – so YOU have to continue to build your author brand

Cultivate a Look for your brand

Instant recognition is a powerful thing, so why not let it work for you when you build your author brand? Find a theme, a style and a set of colors that works best for you and stick with them.


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