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7 Ways to Quit Writing Boring Blog Posts

7 Ways to Quit Writing Boring Blog PostsMany of us would love to learn some ways to quit writing boring blog posts. If we are not getting much engagement or interaction from our blog content, then we are either not getting enough traffic or our content is just boring. Or maybe we have both of those problems.

So with that said, let us look at 7 ways to quit writing boring blog posts.

Don’t be Afraid to Be Personal

So when you sit down and write a personal letter to someone, you never make it generic, do you? You usually have a certain person in mind and you tailor you words for them. And your words are very casual – just like having a conversation with a friend or a family member.

So why not use this approach when writing your blog posts? Have a close friend in mind and pretend that you are talking to them. This method allows you to sound more authentic and sincere. And your words will be more readable and hopefully enjoyable.

Tell a Story

We humans love stories. Just look at the movie industries, the television industries, and the book industries – all of them are profitable and thriving from telling stories. So this approach has been proven time and time again for centuries. So don’t you think that your readers might like stories? There’s a very good chance of that.

Share a personal experience with them that has a story to it. This would let you get personal and allow you to tell a story. How could you lose with this approach?

Make a Splash

The cold hard truth for us bloggers is that the competition is beyond fierce. We are competing with millions of other blogs for the attention of a limited numbers of people who are interested in our chosen niches.

The fact is we have to give them a compelling reason to spend some of their limited time on our blog or website. So you must do something to stand out.

Try to Woo Them A Little

When readers decide to read your content, then you need to reward them somehow and tell them how special they are. They must feel good about read your blog post. Give them something to feel good about it and promise them there will be more goodies for them in the future.

Make Them Laugh

Everyone loves to laugh – this is why funny stuff often goes viral on the internet. We see funny videos with millions of views every single day online. Why not let it be one of your videos or blog posts?

If you have a good sense of humor, then feel free to use it often – it will pay dividends for you in the long run. Yeah, some of it will fall flat, but you only need one or two of them to go viral and your blog will prosper.

Keep them Reading

Another thing that is challenging for bloggers today is getting your readers to read the blog to the end. The internet has cultivated a generation is skimmers – in other words, many of us have developed the habit of skimming content instead of reading it.

Therefore, your blog posts need to have engaging content from start to finish.

Use Words that are Emotional

The fact is that buying decisions are always decisions of emotions and not logic. Therefore, if we want to make an impact on our readers, then we need to use more emotional words.

The best way to persuade readers is to make them feel certain ways and our words must guide them to those feelings. So become aware of the emotions that your blog posts may or may not be sparking in your readers.

So start using some of the ways to quit writing boring blog posts.


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