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Author Branding: How to Find Success as a Self Publisher through Publicity

Let’s face it. Many of us shy away from author branding. We would rather remain in the shadows and let our writing skills speak for itself. We just do not want to step into the spotlight and reveal ourselves. I know this is true for many of you. Yet there are also some of you who love the spotlight and are not shy about promoting yourself. Either way, author branding can extend the success of any self publisher.

Of course, as with everything else, there are always better ways to do things and attaining publicity. Even those of us who are willing to step up and be heard. But sometimes the result of that willingness is only a mass of energy with no purpose. This can actually be detrimental to our author branding efforts.

I encourage you to check out the following articles about how to find success by promoting and branding yourself:

Master the Art of Publicity Follow-up with These Simple Tips

You can create the most strategic and thorough book marketing and publicity plan in the world. But unless you follow up with all the people who you want to help you, you can kiss success goodbye. They know that spam filters can trap emails and that people can misplace phone messages. When they catch the slightest whiff that someone might be interested in publicizing, promoting or buying their books, they stay on the trail like tireless bloodhounds.

How to Optimize Your Amazon Author Central Pages

Most authors have learned by now that it’s critical to have a great Amazon book description and metadata. But incredibly often, authors don’t take the time to also leverage their Amazon Author Central Page as a sales tool. And it could hurt your sales, especially as you develop your reader base. Readers tend to use Amazon to look at an author’s complete list of books, so by optimizing your Author Central page, you’ll find that you draw in more repeat readers than before. Perhaps exponentially so!

Brand You: How to Find Your Author Brand

I come to novel writing by way of advertising, and I tend to view the task of marketing one’s books through an advertising lens. It took me a long time to get an agent for my newly published book, Mistress Suffragette (Penmore Press, 2017), so I was able to devote plenty of attention to thinking about my brand. When I was in advertising, I learned that Madonna is a brand, and so is Coca Cola. So, let’s look at Coca-Cola: What does it stand for? For starters, it’s red—in other words, high energy. It’s also caffeinated. And, if you go back to the days of the “Have a Coke and a Smile” slogan, Coca-Cola also stands for happiness.




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