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Gain Publicity in Marketing your Book – 3 Ways to Get Book Publicity

Gain Publicity in Marketing your Book - 3 Ways to Get Book PublicityMany writers and authors are seeking to gain publicity in marketing their books, and they believe this is the ultimate way to acquire book publicity. However, your overall success as a writer defends on how effectively you get yourself in front of as many potential prospects and readers as possible.

There are lots of methods that ought to be a part of your book promotional strategy to help you get your message out, and acquiring publicity is probably the most important one. The overall benefit of getting free exposure from trusted sources is absolutely priceless. Thus, writers shouldn’t assume that you gain publicity in marketing your book, it is also gained in other ways.

Three Ways Authors Can Get Publicity

The big challenge for all authors is to figure out how to approach getting book publicity handled. Fortunately, there are three proven ways to get book publicity.

Most writers believe that there are just two options:

1.Hiring a book publicity service

2.Do It Yourself

3.DIY PR with Outsourcing

Three PR methods and how they compare

1. Hiring a book publicity service

The biggest benefit of this option is that you will have an experienced professional taking care of your book publicity for you. So now you lay back and take it easy while they handle all the PR.

This can be a wonderful set up because it allows you to focus on other things pertaining to the promotion of your book. It all depends on it you hired a good and reputable firm.

The Cons – This approach can be very expensive. There is also the possibility that your affairs get placed on the back burner as your firm focuses on other clients.

2. Do it Yourself (DIY) PR

As a writer, you can most definitely conduct all of your own book publicity, and you can even experience phenomenal success by doing it. While you save an enormous expense of using inexpensive a PR firm, you will swapping your money for your time when you implement your own publicity plan.

In order to succeed, you have to overcome the fact that you are an unknown. Therefore, you have to generate a lot of passion and energy to get people to listen to your message.

There are many other things you have to learn as well. You have to learn how the media operates, and you will have to come up with ideas that will get potential readers hooked on your story. And probably the hardest part is coming up with the media contacts you will need to generate your own publicity.

The Cons – PR is very time-consuming and absorb your time take you away from other important work that you need to be accomplishing. You most likely will not understand many of the nuances concerning the media at first. And finally you will not have the needed media contacts because you’re starting from scratch, so there is a huge learning curve which takes time.

3. Hybrid – DIY PR with Outsourcing

This option is probably the best of all worlds, as the hybrid approach features a way to in which to maximize your time as well as your budget to get book publicity. It will also cut down and shorten the learning curve by letting you outsource the tasks at which you have no skills.

The Cons – The challenge here is having the ability to hire good people. This means you will have to have some decent working knowledge and understanding about PR. In addition, searching for quality PR freelancers will take up much of your time because they also need to understand that you do not gain publicity in marketing your books as publicity is best gained in other ways.


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