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4 Simple Practices That Will Transform your Book Writing Skills

As writers, we are constantly seeking ideas, methods, and viewpoints that will push our book writing skills to new exciting levels. Perhaps a different way to view the world in our minds that we are attempting to describe to our readers. Some of us are very skilled at storytelling and some of us need more of a mechanical approach to paint the pictures with our words. Either way, book writing skills is a craft that all of us improve from where we are today.

Many times, all we need is a simple change of perspective to open up a whole new world of creativity within our minds. With that said, I came across 4 interesting approaches that I hope you will find useful. I have been able to use each of these with moderate success. These types of tools are often exactly what we need to push beyond ruts and writer’s block.


The Benefits of Reading Your Work Out Loud

Language is a funny thing. Our brains can handle combinations of words that our mouths can’t. We can run the most challenging tongue-twisters through our minds without a pause, but saying them out loud causes us to slur, stumble, and stall. Which is why reading a scene out loud is a great way to find clunky writing or a bumpy narrative flow….

Unlock Your Creativity through Meditation

Sometimes that voice in your head can get really, really loud, especially when you should be focusing on things like your writing and that significant other who is moving their mouth in a strange way oh wait they’re talking I should probably listen right now. Meditation quiets all that down. The voice goes from loud and distracting to more like a manageable whisper.

How to Write Stories Your Readers Will Remember

Think back about the books you read and the movies you watched in the last year (heck, think about just the ones you experienced in the last month). Which do you still remember vividly? Which are already foggy in your memory? …

How Free Writing Helps You Find Your True Creative Voice

If you’re someone who writes regularly—even more so if you write for others as well as your own platform—the demands can easily take their toll, right? You find yourself writing to formula, and if you’re not careful the demands of writing can become a deafening cacophony of noise in your head. Indeed, if you’re not careful, it’s easy to allow our heads to become detached from our hearts when our writing. Especially when writing professionally, we’re writing for a specific audience, and so our minds can become so focussed on meeting the needs and requirements of the audience, there’s a danger our hearts can be disconnected….


Personally, I find meditation to be the most helpful for improving my book writing skills. I try to meditate every single day for many benefits as it has proven to help thousands of people in a variety of ways. When you quiet your mind routinely, then you will discover new worlds and ideas begin to form.





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