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Why Not Build Your Following BEFORE Writing Your Book?

Perhaps many of us writers have it backwards. Maybe our approach should be “build your following before writing your book”. If you think about that for a moment or two, you will realize that this concept was much harder to accomplish or even consider a few years ago.

The fact is that most of us had no medium and no arena from which to build an audience years ago. The only means available was TV, the radio, or published advertising like newspapers, magazines, or direct mail. And the primary reason that this was out of reach for most of us is because of the enormous costs involved.

Today, it is a question of where will we build our following. To go one step further, we can actually build a huge audience that is precisely targeted to specific interests, and we can do it for no cost at all. Those tools are actually available to us right now through social media. Granted, it takes quite a bit of effort, but it is very doable. A seasonable approach would be building your following a little each day. The bonus is if you are heavily engaged with your audience, they will tell what topics interest them the most. Do realize how hard this would have been 20 years ago?

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