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Common Ways to Self-Publish Your Book

Common Ways to Self-Publish Your BookFor those of us who have written or is finishing a novel, it would be helpful to know exactly how to self-publish your book. But in reality, there are actually ways a writer can self-publish in today’s market. New methods and technologies are making this even easier and simpler. So let us take a look at the different ways to self-publish your book.

Hire a Service Company to Self-publish your Book

This is basically the old “let me a check and make all the headaches go away” approach to self-publishing. This method is perfect for those of you who have more cash than available time. And also if you have zero interest in become career full-time author, then this is probably the best choice for you.

If you research this option, then you will discover that these service packages and publishing deals will vary considerably. Your best options are probably to hire a service that simply charges an upfront fee and then lets you receive all the cash from the sales. Additionally, they take no rights at all for your hard work. They make their money from the fee they initially charge for their services. The level of service depends wholly of the payment size in virtually all cases. Most of these types of companies offer different levels of packages. They could offer anything from editing, cover designing, marketing, etc., in additional to getting your book published. A big issue here is whether you are seeking the publication of hard copies or merely digital copies.

Obviously, the biggest benefit from this service is you get your book published without dealing with hassle and aggravation of the book publishing process. Of course, the very best and expensive services – that can exceed $20,000 very quickly – can offer a highly quality experience which is much like working with traditional publishers. Beware of those who look to take advantage of inexperienced writers by using high-pressure sales methods and want to take total control of your book.

Self-Publish using a “hybrid” company

Some of these self-publishing services are starting to call themselves “hybrid publishers” probably because it seems savvy and fashionable, but some of these services may just be all bluster. Fees for these types of services vary dramatically and this includes quality as well. If you choose this route, be sure to thoroughly research the services you are considering.

As you ponder this option, it is just a matter of what your existing knowledge level is in regards to self-publishing. It really depends on the specific functions you are seeking. The key here is you really need to already have a keen understanding of how to self-publish your book. This way, you can intelligently speak with these service companies. And in all likelihood you will probably receive better royalties and commissions than you would with traditional publishing.

Agents that are Offering Self-Publishing Services

More and more, literary agents are beginning to help their current clients digitally self-publish their books as well as those with their new clients. This help they provide could be included in fee based services, royalty based services, as well as hybrid service models.

These practices can be controversial as the traditional role of the agents is serving as advocates for their clients and to get the best deals. So whenever these agents begin publishing the work of their clients and then take 15% of their sales, then a conflict of interest is created.

Just to emphasize, remember that it is never a good idea to sign up for a long term contract that locks you in a low royalty rate whenever you pay someone to self-publish your book.


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