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Creative Book Sales: Standing Out from the Noise

So many people selling books these days – why not come up with creative book sales? There is so much noise about the next potential bestsellers, sometimes it is difficult for indie authors to get their work noticed. Many of us simply do not have the resources or the budget to compete with them. This is where creative book sales comes in.

Yes, we need to understand traditional book marketing, but why not give it a twist that will make us fresh. Why not alter the traditional? Did you ever think of posting notes about your books on bulletin boards at universities? Did you ever put info about your books on a slip of paper and place it in library books? Not that you should necessarily do these, but I think you get the idea.

Creative book sales will get you noticed. It will make you stand out. Check out these great articles about selling more books and getting more readers.


How Do Books Become Bestsellers?

As longtime readers know, writer Kristen Tsetsi is the host of a regular author Q&A at this site, 5 On, that asks 5 questions about writing and 5 questions about publishing. (You can browse them here.) Recently, Kristen sent me questions related to book marketing that she wanted answered, but didn’t know the right person to ask. As I reviewed them, I decided that I myself might be the right person to address them. Thus, in a strange turn of events, I am running an interview with myself at my own site. My thanks to Kristen for sparking what I think is an important—and I hope useful—discussion …

Killer Tips to Get More Sales on Amazon

The challenge with Amazon is that because so many books are uploaded each day, changes happen quickly. I used to say that Amazon keywords were “set it and forget it,” but that’s no longer true. Keyword recommendations are changing quickly and, in some cases, weekly. So how can a committed indie author keep up? Well, follow this blog for one, and two, spend some time on Amazon at least once a week, checking your current batch of keywords to see if they’re still worth using….

Master This Writing Practice to Find More Loyal Readers

If you want to write about anything you’d like, as often as you’d like, there’s a place for that: your own website. It’s a modern privilege that gives writers the freedom to digitally publish their work publicly, with the potential to reach any reader with an internet connection. Can you imagine going back in time and telling that to someone who only wrote on paper? Someone whose only readers were those in physical possession of their writing? We’re so lucky….




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