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High Five Writing: An Easy Method for Complex Sentences

Providing students with a better way for composing complex phrases can make all the difference in their writing. Their particular writing are prepared for lots of tall Fives.

Exactly what are Large Five Sentences?

While working with some second class educators a year ago, they voiced concerns about their particular pupil’s syntax and feared it absolutely was too simple. We made an agenda: tall Five Sentences. As you would suspect…high five phrases are so great, you intend to offer someone a high-five. In this one-day example, we challenged pupils to tall Five phrases…supporting them how.  We smashed the pupils into partners so we gave all of them a Who? and a Did exactly what? puzzle. Acknowledging that individuals had the makings of a good phrase, these phrases had been deemed “kindergarten sentences” because of the 2nd graders.  We needs to amp up the sentence before we could phone them large Five 2nd quality phrases. Very first, we added more information towards Who? part of the phrase.  We included a gold piece of problem and included adjectives.  These students decided the lion was BIG and SUGGEST.  Once we added the gold puzzle, we decided we just had a higher 2 Sentence (whomp, whomp).

Providing students with a better way for writing complex sentences makes all the difference in their writing. Their particular writing should be ready for lots of tall Fives.

In Which?

After that, we added a purple puzzle piece.  In which performed your lion roar?  In which did the mom bake?  Where performed the cousin sing?  We encouraged expressions like “at the zoo” or “in the jungle.” They certainly were careful to complement their particular in which? problem to their Who?  A dolphin needs to be in an ocean, within the sea, or in an aquarium.  We had the pupils close their eyes and visualize their Just who? to create a fantastic phrase. These people were additionally asked to use their in which? piece at the start as well as the termination of the phrase. In which made it happen result in the most readily useful phrase?  But alas,  these sentences had been just High 3 phrases.

Providing pupils with a better way for composing complex phrases make a big difference in their writing. Their particular writing may be prepared for lots of tall Fives.


Next, we added a blue paper and talked about whenever? words.  The conversation time words included times of the days, months of the year, real times (10:00), these days, yesterday, the next day, through the night, and in the morning. We additionally had a discussion about where in actuality the where? could possibly be when you look at the sentence. Again, these were asked to go this puzzle piece around to see where they desired this piece going. The students were beginning to get worked up about their particular sentences.  We Had Been getting closer:  Which? Did Just What? Where? Whenever?  Obviously, a top 4 Sentence.

Providing pupils with an easy method for composing complex sentences make a big difference inside their writing. Their writing will likely be ready for many High Fives.

Eventually, the Why?

I do believe this is the most fun puzzle piece.  It will be the amazing solution to figure out exactly what they’re thinking.  We’re able to in addition go this problem piece around…decide where it creates the most effective phrase.  A blue car crashed…because he was going too quickly.  The dolphin hopped…because he needed seriously to get some good environment.  The nice grandma baked…because the woman grandkids adored snacks.  We requested the pupils when you look at the class to shut their eyes and let their class mates sentences make a good picture inside their mind. They certainly were respectful of every other and commented about the phrases.  We counted the Just Who? Did What? In Which? When? together with Why?  We’d five!  We had made a top FIVE sentence.  So, we did what we needed to do…we gave our lovers a top Five.

Providing pupils with a better way for composing complex phrases make all the difference inside their writing. Their writing is prepared for many tall Fives.
It had been a good course.  
**This ended up being one class in some classes.  Pupils will clearly require several times with this. They could in addition dissect sentences by circling, underlining, and identifying each one of the 5 areas of the tall Five Sentence.  Furthermore apparent that most sentences within their writing may not be a higher Five Sentence.  One concept ended up being picking 1 phrase from a piece of writing to revise it into a higher Five Sentence. 
If you would like Freebie for the tall Five puzzles click the link, or click the picture below.

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