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How to Avoid Writing Boring Outlines using the IKEA Method

This Might Be a visitor contribution from LJ Sedgwick.

You’ve read all the online blogging guidance. You realize writing a plan helps maintain your site post to the point.

But take to as you might, nothing’s occurring. A clear page stares back at you. That blinking cursor is taunting you.

You wish to instruct your readers just how to follow your procedures. But they’re second nature to you personally. Wanting to place them into a blog post seems impossible.

You know you know everything you need for the post. But how will you get the a few ideas from your mind and onto paper? How will you turn all of them into a plan?

Worry no further. We’re planning make use of the IKEA method to brain dump those tips. After that we’ll build them into an excellent post that may last for years to come.

utilizing the Ikea approach to Write Blog Posts if You Hate Outlines

This blog post started off for the reason that same means. It’s an ongoing process I’ve used for blog posts since 2009. It’s additionally an approach i take advantage of set for composing fiction, and academic writing (much to your endless annoyance of my Ph. D. manager).

Therefore what’s the IKEA method, and how did it allow you to?

1 – Dump every one of the bits onto the floor.

What’s the very first thing that you do when you get your IKEA level pack house?

You tip the screws, bolts, and arbitrary Allen tips on the flooring.

We’ll begin the blog post the same way. It’s your brain dump. Set a timer and compose anything you can regarding your subject. If it helps, write it in stream-of-consciousness.

That’s just how this blog post began.

No body previously has got to view it nevertheless. It’s how you’ll become familiar with the some ideas you have to make use of.

Step two – Group everything together by ‘type’.

When you look at the IKEA technique, this is the part in which you’re matching the stuff on to the floor with the guidelines. If you’re any thing like me, you’ll also count all of them just before place anything collectively.

You need to do the same with your post. Undergo your records and break up that which you’ve written into chunks. Group your thinking collectively by ‘type’.

Say you’re writing a post about how to result in the change from every day work to freelancing. This web site post is a chest of compartments inside metaphor.

utilizing the Ikea Method to Write Blog Posts in the event that you Hate Outlines

Put all your ideas about spending less and cost management, prepared when it comes to change, into one stack. That’s all the parts you may need for your first cabinet.

Then you’ll put everything regarding time administration into another stack. That’ll become your second-drawer.

Rinse and perform.

Like any IKEA assembly, you’ll also have components remaining that aren’t within the instructions. That’s ok. In my household, those additional odds and ends get into a drawer of arbitrary pieces, in the event something pauses later. Or sometimes they come in handy for totally not related Do It Yourself tasks.

You really need to perform some exact same. Open Evernote, Google Docs, Scrivener – what you may write-in. Copy and paste those ‘spare’ ideas into a document. You will never know whenever they’ll be useful.

3 – Start assembling your individual elements

Return to your heaps of bits/thoughts. People follow the instructions. Maybe not me. We put furniture together in a far more freestyle fashion. If you hate outlines, this is your brand-new closest friend.

How to use the Ikea way to Write websites if You Hate Outlines

Have a look at your first stack of furniture parts/thoughts. They’re already grouped together, so that gives you your subhead for the area.

Start editing those loose, stream of consciousness thoughts into coherent sentences. Go all of them around into rational sentences.

Change that subhead into some thing descriptive, therefore scanners can certainly skim your post. Verify it signposts your content.

Imagine we’re building a chest of drawers. This newly edited paragraph will be your first finished cabinet.

Move onto the next stack of ideas and do the same thing. You’ve currently done the time and effort and gotten the thoughts collectively. Now you need to turn them into readable content.

As soon as you’ve run out of piles, you’ve got the independently put together components of your post. With the IKEA technique, they’re the compartments you put together just before slot them to the empty upper body.

But just how are you going to develop the chest to fit the drawers into?

Step four – Build the container for your various other elements

Examine your subheads. What’s many logical purchase for them to follow? That is likely to be the key to writing the interesting blog post you want to write.

So within time job-to-freelancing post, you won’t place a part about advertising and marketing your brand-new business before one about carving out time to develop a profile.

Arrange (and re-arrange, if necessary) the subheads you’ve written into a post that moves well.

And there’s the chest.

Slip each one of the compartments into destination by pasting just the right paragraphs underneath the right subheads.

If you are building IKEA furniture, this is basically the point where you tighten every one of the screws. Therefore for your IKEA-built post, you’ll edit your phrases so that the post moves. One part should establish the following, and so forth.

utilizing the Ikea way to Write blogs if You Hate Outlines

Step 5 – Find the best spot for the new furniture/blog post

At home, you’d find a very good place for your brand-new piece of furniture. For your post, you’re trying to find the best context.

And that’s your introduction. Craft your intro so that it sets up the information that employs. Provide your chest of drawers/blog post one last polish.

And hey presto! You’ve utilized the IKEA approach to system to brain dump and edit your path to an engaging blog post!

The IKEA technique helps bloggers who can’t reach grips with outlines

Whenever I brain-dumped this post, I began with 637 words. They weren’t always into the right order, nevertheless a few ideas have there been.

It took simply quarter-hour getting every little thing down that i desired to state. Then it took another quarter-hour to turn it into a 1000 word post.

If you hate using outlines, switching your thoughts into a useful post is a lot easier by brain-dumping and modifying than wanting to compose the most wonderful post from scratch.

Why don’t you give it a go? Pick your topic/piece of furniture and obtain begun. Inform me within the opinions below the manner in which you get on!

LJ Sedgwick writes blogs and copy for startups while drinking even more coffee than is healthier. You will find her blogs about content marketing at her site.


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