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Keeping up your Creativity Levels for Writing

Keeping up your Creativity Levels for WritingLet us face the facts, if you are writer – especially a fiction writer – then you must create some kind of system to generate fresh ideas, and to keep pumping up your creativity levels. People who belong to various writing communities will we often refer to the term “refilling the well,” which is an idea and a a way to explain the notion of staying creative. Most of us can relate to this term conceptually, but like many things, this can be lost in translation whenever we go about applying it in our life. So exactly what does the term refilling the well really look like and more importantly, how in the world are we going to devote any time for it in our busy lives?

Boosting Creativity

This is no doubt a very vital issue in the daily lives of many writers. When you make the desired shift to becoming a published author, then you find yourself having brand new levels of expectations from others. The fact is you will have to keep producing good work to maintain your newfound status.

Needless to say, this will lead to several new issues in your life. For starters, you will immediately become overwhelmed, so you will first be challenged with balancing your life to keep everything in perspective. But then in order to work, you will find yourself needing that creativity again. You can actually develop a few little habits to set up a mind-set of calm and creativity.

Engaging in Self Care

One of the best things to do with yourself is engage in self-care. But you will find those who do not endorse self-care. Let us look at a couple of reasons why.

Some believe it is touchy feely. Maybe they are imaging sitting around the campfire singing with others who are engaging in self-care. Or maybe they think it is about logging your deepest thoughts in a diary.. The big thing pertaining to self-care is it being totally unique to each individual and is identified by one single thing – giving each writer the ability and even the time to recharge their energy when it has been depleted by other factors.

They claim to not have time for this self-care. There is certainly some true to this notion. The thing is that we have lots of writers today who are struggling write around their full-time jobs. And they are juggling household responsibilities, and sometimes even suffer from horrible health issues. However, when you consider all these daily strains and stresses, it actually supports the idea of engaging self-care, doesn’t it?

This is actually the magic of practicing self-care. It will give some of your time back to you in the long run. Let us illustrate with an example. Imagine an evening when you come home and you absolutely exhausted, you have headaches flaring up, and after a long hard day working, you attempt to sit down and write. And since you cannot focus very well, it takes all of your energy to crank out 1000 words in three hours. Many writers will agree that this is very low production.

Now let us imagine that you come home that day and this time spend about 30 minutes re-energizing and refreshing your psyche before writing.  After you do this, you start writing and you crank out 1000 words per hour.

In the example above, you actually bought back about 90 minutes of your valuable time. You can use this to spend with your family or even write some more.


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