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3 Awesome Sources for Mastering your Writing

So you have been writing for a while, but you feel stuck and wonder if you are really mastering your writing. What would it take? How does one know when they’ve reached the next level? How would things change around me? As with most changes, when you begin mastering your writing, the world around you will probably shift slowly.

The key to polishing your craft is to find a technique or method that fits and feels good for your style and make it a part of you. Over time, you begin applying your own flavor to it and readers will love it more. You see, your new method is complimenting you and vice versa – this approach enriches your work and makes it seem original to those around you. How cool is that?

When you are studying the techniques of other writers, you begin collecting and adopting a unique blend of styles which you can call your own over time. This is why all writers need to keep learning and strengthening their skills.

Mastering Your Writing

Listed below are 3 great sources for mastering your writing and cultivating your own style. I recommend that you give them a look:

When Does Writing Get Easier?

“When does writing get easier?” This is one of the most common questions writers have asked me throughout my career. The bad news is that, all these years, I’ve been giving the wrong answer. The good news is that the right answer is pretty fantastic. In years past, when people asked me this question, I was as truthful as I knew how to be. I would look at my own struggles, my own doubts, and I would have to tell them …

The incredible advantage of fast typing

And here is what I think is actually one of the most important factors to being productive: typing really freaking fast. (Curious how fast you type? This is a good site to test it. I’m around 110-120 come at me bro). Think about how much time you spend typing per day. Then imagine you could write the same number of words in 75% of the time or even 50% of the time…

Good Writers Borrow; Great Writers Steal (Politely)

Writers are thieves. Intentionally or unintentionally, we steal from other artists all the time. You might have heard this paraphrase of T. S. Eliot’s words: “Good writers borrow; great writers steal.” We can’t help but be inspired and influenced by the stories we consume. However, we can steal productively by borrowing from other works in a conscious manner. Here are five ways.



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