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Mom And Dad Write Life-Changing Book For Little Girl

As soon as mom and dad handed their 10-year-old daughter a book, they quickly realized how emotional it was for her. It was a time of transition for this family of three. Their daughter has been so comfortable living with both of her parents and having their loving care all to her own, yet suddenly it was all about to change. If you’ve ever had such weighty information as these parents, you know that it’s just too difficult to say the words out loud. Writing down the information for someone to read has been an alternate method and has been used for centuries. This daughter was handed a book written by her parents, and soon learned everything they wanted her to know.

At first, this sweet daughter received the book with joy. Her dad encouraged her to read it out loud, and she willingly gave in to his request. Though her parents were the ones with the life-changing news, it was their daughter who would first say those words out loud. As she turned the pages one at a time, everything from her expression and mood changed. Then she read the next sentence and realized what was going on. Her parents weren’t exactly sure how she would react to the news, so they had several gifts for her immediately after the crucial information was revealed. However, this little girl couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. Her world would never be the same.

Each of the gifts were beautiful, yet each time she opened the boxes, she couldn’t stop thinking of that book. How her parents kept such a big secret from her and what that would soon mean had her in tears of joy. Watch what special information was read by this little girl in the heart-warming video below.

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