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Are Novel Writing Software Packages Worth Checking Out?

Are Novel Writing Software Packages Worth Checking OutHave you thought about trying out some of the new novel writing software packages that are available on the market? Some authors have complained about them as they feel that creativity is diluted by using these. Yet there is a larger number of authors who love them – saying that they allow you to organize your novel and focus on your writing. And it seems that more writers are using novel writing software packages than are not using them.

Listed here are three of the main benefits these writers point out.

 A Solid Structure

By their very nature, the better novel writing programs help writers by laying out a solid plot structure for the writer to build upon. Many of these programs help the writer not only lay out all of the novel’s scenes in proper order, but also correctly structure the individual scenes themselves.

For example, in The Marshall Plan Novel Writing Software, which I created with Martha Jewett, we built in a feature in which the writer enters her target word length and the program generates the appropriate number of scenes, in their proper order, with subplots intertwined and major plot points where they belong. One user of this program said, “I like this feature because I know my novel has a strong skeleton on which I can be creative without worrying that everything’s going to fall apart. ”

Taking Care of Mechanics

Novel writing programs are created to make it easy for writers to take care of the more mechanical aspects of the creative process. For example, you might enter details of a character’s appearance and personality, and this data pops up on the side of the screen for easy reference whenever you assign this character to a scene. Or you might realize halfway through creating your novel that your word length is off. With a good program you should be able to click a button and the scenes will readjust in their proper order.

When the mechanics of any process are taken care of for you, you’re freed up to focus your energies on the creative aspect-the part of the process that makes your project uniquely yours. When word processors replaced typewriters, writers no longer had to worry about how many drafts they would have to laboriously churn out. Editing was no longer a problem. Everything could be done easily on the screen, and a project could be printed out at the click of a button. Novel writing software performs this same service for the fiction writer.

A Needed Discipline

Perhaps the most important feature of novel writing software is its ability to keep a writer on track. “I need a program like this to show me the big picture, ” one happy user of novel writing software said. “Before I bought a program I would drop project after project midway because I didn’t know where it was going. ”

As a literary agent, I have seen countless writers abandon manuscripts in the middle when they hit a brick wall; they had written themselves into a corner and couldn’t get out. A good novel writing program prevents this from happening by laying out the novel’s entire structure from the start. Not only do you know at the beginning the entire course of your story, but you can jump around, working on scenes out of order, easily making adjustments as you see fit. These programs make novel writing easy and fun.

Romance author Michelle Marquis attributes her success to a novel writing program. “I was one of many aspiring writers who had grappled for years to complete a manuscript without success. I’d start a book full of hope only to lose my way a few weeks later and give up. My hard drive was full of false starts and orphaned chapters. Now, not only have I completed close to twenty novels, but I’ve also had two bestsellers. ”

Many other users of novel writing software have reported that these programs force them to think through details of their scenes, thus allowing them to complete novels they wouldn’t have completed otherwise. In this respect, novel writing programs offer a needed discipline to the creative spirit.

Is novel writing software right for you? If you welcome a solid structure in your books, like the idea of the mechanics being taken care of for you, and sometimes need a “coach” to help you finish your work… you could be an ideal candidate for novel writing software packages.

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