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Secrets of Successful Writers

Secrets of Successful WritersAmazingly, we are learning that a majority of successful writers are pretty much doing the same stuff. Needless to say, there are the secrets of successful writers.  And conversely, unsuccessful writers are not doing these things. So then our next question should be what exactly are those writers who are successful doing?

Do they know someone special or important? Does someone close to them know someone powerful or influential? Yes, these things would certainly help, but many of these writers had no access to any of this. In fact, most of them started out just like me and you are.

Experts break this down into four secrets of successful writers and what they are doing:

  1. Successful writers have a clear message.
  2. Successful writers create a platform for that message.
  3. Successful writers serve the people who want to hear that message.
  4. Successful writers are not shy or afraid to earn money from delivering that message.

How do we do what Successful Writers do?

If you want to earn a full time living from your words, then you actually need much more than just talent. You have to be more than just a fabulous writer. Of course it is critical, but it is just not enough.

And you have to have more than just passion, too. Even passion isn’t enough to keep you going after many hours of practice. Passion just won’t protect you from the stings of the critics or the pain of failure.

What you do need to enjoy writing success

The biggest thing you do need is a plan and a roadmap.  And this roadmap needs to have proven path or process that great writers have used before you. You must know what needs to be done, when to do it, and why it will matter in the long run.

The thing is that if you want to succeed at writing, then you should focus on being effective. You first do this by allowing yourself to become a writer and acting like a writer. This will change your state of mind. The next thing you should do is share what you know to connect with your reader. You let what you know help people. And you also create a community around your cause and message.  Attract all the fans that you can to help propel your message. The big question is, will reach them? Or will you wait in the hopes of drawing them in – which is what most people make the mistake of doing.

There are actually several online courses out there that can help you along. You just need to make sure that they provide a path for you to reach your chosen goals – because you need a proven path above everything else.

Another thing to help you build your own platform is the build yourself an email list. If you have large list of subscribers, then you have the ability to extend your message across great distances. And you have a way to market your future work as well. And do not forget that you also have your own community of hopefully thousands of very supportive fans who are ready and willing to help get the message out about your message and your work.

Don’t you believe it is time to finally be serious about your writing craft and really going after your writing dreams? You can start by following the secret of successful writers.

It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way.

– Ernest Hemingway


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