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Here is How to Self-Publish a Book

Here is How to self-publish a bookOne of the biggest things that writers and authors learn is how to self-publish a book. The thing is that book publishing is simply not the same animal it used to be. In fact, it is much better today because writers are far more empowered today. They can actually take part in the publication process now, whereas a few decades ago, authors were literally at the mercy of a literary agent. With that said, let us examine how to self-publish a book in today’s climate.

Steps to Self-Publishing a Book

1. Write Your Book or Maybe Two

Obviously the first step is to get your book written. Edit it several times – pay someone to edit it for you if you can because you really need some objectivity here. At least find a good friend who is not afraid to hurt your feelings.

Also consider whether or not you want to write a series. There are many great strategies for doing this, so a series is not a bad idea – especially if you are a creative writer and write fiction. It is not a bad idea to write two books in your series so that you can take advantage of any momentum you generate from your book launch.

2. Build a Team

This is very important part of the self-publishing process. Even if you plan to do most of the work yourself – which is fine, if you have the skills – you will want to get your team put together. The types of people you may need on your team are editors, agents, designers, copywriters, publicists, etc. One great trick is to find a book similar to yours, in the same niche, and find out what steps they took to get published. Find out who was on their team and try to duplicate that.

3. Start Building your Book and the Marketing.

When you reach this point, then you are ideally about six months or more away from publication, depending on the amount of editorial review still required from your book. You will also be managing and juggling three vital projects at the same time. And this is creating your book’s exterior, creating your book’s interior, and marketing your book. Yes, you need to start marketing.

The book interior will only include your text, but you will also need your front matter, back matter, all copyright information, notes from the author, preface, acknowledgments, and so forth. Each word that becomes a part of your book will need to be written, edited, revised, copyedited, and then final-proofed. There are lots of verbiage that you will not realize that your book actually needs until begin doing this.

The book exterior will comprise of your cover design and also a back cover, the spine, dust jacket flap (if you plan to do a hardback, an author photo, and even more.

4. Plan the Book Launch.

You are probably about three months away when you reach this point. After you have your text completely edited, you can begin this step.

Contrary to popular belief, a book launch isn’t one single day. Most authors consider the launch as everything that occurs from about 2 weeks before publication to 3 months afterwards.

As you can imagine, the launch is a big deal. The ideal launch is when embrace and inform the entire the audience that you have built in the past, and also all contacts you have developed. A launch includes all articles that were written about your new book, any printed or podcast interviews, all social media campaigns, and also library and bookstore appearances.

5. Publish your Book.

Enjoy your big day. In an ideal world, you should have some great blog posts going out, and some influential interviews planned. Another great thing to do is spend time interacting with your readers on social media – do not be afraid to open yourself up and be sincere.

6. Keep Writing and Publishing.

Remember that your first book is very unlikely to be huge success. The secret of successful authors is to keep writing and build your inventory. It could take about three books or so to really gain momentum and a significant number of fans and readers. So devote yourself to writing for the long haul.

So now that you know how to self-publish a book, you can start pursuing your career as a successful writer.




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