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To Self-Publish or Not To Self-Publish

To Self-Publish or Not To Self-PublishMany of us writers are struggling as to whether or not to self-publish. Most of us already know many of the pitfalls that comes with traditional publishing, but we have gotten mixed messages with regards to self-publishing.

Pro and Cons Of Self Publishing

We hear the good things about authors who self-publish that have gone on to sell thousands of books. They liked being able to make all the decisions and having control of how their books get published. They like being able to keep their fingers directly on the pulse of the process. In fact, many of them find this experience to be very rewarding.

On the other hand, we hear from other authors who have many negative things to say about self-publishing. To these writers, they felt somewhat lost and had trouble making many of the required decisions. Basically, what they felt was missing was the guided hand of experience that you get from an established book publisher.

So with these concerns in mind, we sought out some great information from those who have experience self-publishing first hand. Here is some of their input and advice to anyone who is considering the path of self-publishing.

Why Pursue Traditional Publishing? (Are There Enough Good Reasons?)

I’ve self-published before. My first novel, Pretty Much True, received agent praise but no takers. As it was explained over the phone by one praising, but non-taking, agent—and by another who said essentially the same thing in a very nice email—the book was literary and I was an unknown. “So hard to market in this climate,” they said. It was because of the agents’ praise that I felt safe to self-publish.

How to Sell 25,000 Self-Published Books: Interview with Frank McKinley

Frank McKinley is a Tribe Writer and he recently let slip that he has sold 25,000 of his self-published books. He’s here today to talk about how this incredible feat, including valuable lessons on writing, publishing and failure. Frank’s journey as a writer began when he was very young, in fact he says he has been writing for as long as he can remember! Writing helped him deal with the world when he was a teenager, it was therapeutic for him.

Make Your Own Self-Publisher’s Survival Kit

Just like survivalist “preppers” we can prepare ourselves for the arduous journey to come. And what we’ll need is our own “Self-Publisher’s Survival Kit” with our own purification system, nourishment for the long days ahead, and shelter from the circling hyenas looking for an easy meal. ou might think this is a fanciful exercise, but I assure you it’s not. You’ll want to be prepared. Here’s a good start for your own survival kit …

Hopefully, by reviewing these articles, you are able to make the very best decision for you as to whether or not to self-publish your own book. We realize that this is not an easy decision, but there is also the option of doing parts of both traditional and non-traditional publishing. This way, you could do the things you are good at, and hire other experienced people to do the things you are not so good at doing.

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