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Helpful Approaches to Self Publishing Your Book

Writing books and novels is not the same today as it used to be. These days, after you finish your novel, then you are most likely looking at self publishing your book as opposed to handing it off to commercial publisher. Many authors are selling this as an empowering environment. They now have control of all aspects of their books going to market.

Let’s face it, there are lots of small traditional publishers out there who really do not help the causes of new authors. Instead, they are looking for books to fill up their stables with the hopes of landing a big seller. Sadly, if yours is not that big seller, then you are screwed – to put it lightly. You have most likely let them tie up your book and you are left powerless to do anything. New authors are very vulnerable to this setup because they are eager to publish and are excited when anyone is interested in their book.

The fact is that your book has value, and if you consider self publishing your book, then it can earn something for you. Sure, we all would love to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars annually from our novel, but if that doesn’t happen, wouldn’t you be happy with earning maybe $5000 from your book over the next year? YOU SHOULD – because that income is totally passive after you’ve written the book, and you can earn this year after year. What if you add more books to your collection? Now you have several books earning a few thousand each year.

Over time, you will build a following and if that following gets big enough, then maybe a big legitimate publisher becomes interested. This is what you could earn the money you were dreaming about in the first place.

Like the scenario I described above? It all starts with self publishing your book. Here’s a few articles I ran across that you as a self publisher should find very useful.

The Hybrid Publishing Method

There are many ways to approach a hybrid publishing strategy, but the premise is simple: take the elements from the traditional and self-publishing models that best suit your situation. Not long ago, BookBaby exhibited at a writers conference, and I spent a weekend with authors from all over the country. Many had journeyed thousands of miles and spent hundreds of dollars hoping to pitch their manuscripts to agents attending the event.

The really weird tricks I use to write and publish bestselling books

Recently I realized my whole process for publishing bestselling books is completely backwards. At a party in Medellin recently, a guy said “wow, you’ve hacked publishing!” I don’t like being called a hack because there’s an assumption that it means I’m putting out poor quality books to trick or fool readers.  (Steven Pressfield calls anyone who writes for an audience the same thing – at least in his earlier work… he seems to have wised up to the demands of the market in his latest, Nobody Wants to Read your Sh*t).

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