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Self Publishing Allows Writers to Earn Money Within Weeks – Not Years

There has been many things said about self publishing recently. We have heard that people should not publish their own book because they have no knowledge about the promotion demands or the lifecycle of a book. We have heard that writers and authors should focus on their craft of storytelling and leave book publishing and promotion to those who are experts.

Of course, many of these statements contradict the main arguments for deciding to self publish in the first place. Maybe the voices of all these negators have forgotten how many book publishers are only interested in building their inventory. And then they only promote the books that they preceive as being winners. Where does that leave the others? I’ll tell you where – the others are powerless to promote and profit from their work because the publisher has contractually tied it for years. So I say again – this is exactly why self publishing has gotten so popular.

Strong Case for Self Publishing

The idea of publishing your own book is to enable you to earn something from your work – as opposed to nothing. And if you earn enough “somethings” then you are able to continue writing and improving until your masterpiece comes. Check out the articles below regarding the status of self publishing:

Self-publishing News: Ebooks are not in Crisis

If this week’s news column were an episode of The Simpsons it would consist entirely of Bart, standing at the board, endlessly repeating the line “Ebook sales are not in crisis.” I want to devote most of the column this week to this one topic. That might sound excessive. After all, every month or so I dutifully report on the Association of American Publishers’ figures and I add the same caveats each time, and carry on as before. But this time is different. Because this time the mainstream media has got in on the act in a big way. And that has been brought home to me by the fact that several of my friends from outside the indie community have been sharing stories with me. In other words, the disinformation has breached the indie walls – and that means it could be doing real damage to people’s writing plans….

There has never been a better time to self-publish

Self-published eBooks can earn between 60% and 70% in royalties. Your printed books can earn you up to 50% in royalties when you sell direct-to-reader through BookBaby. Now, compare this with the 12% to 20% royalties earned by traditionally-published writers. You may ask, “Are self-published authors actually making money?” Yes. In fact according to recent reports from, as a group, they are making MORE than traditionally-published writers….

Today’s Publishing Landscape: Two Generations of Literary Agents Speak Out

How do agenting styles vary within the same family? Are there generational differences when agents approach opportunities such as self- and hybrid publishing, which didn’t exist until a few years ago? Or in how they define their role, which in some ways is continually evolving, and in other ways hasn’t changed at all? I asked legendary publishing veteran Robert Gottlieb, who founded Trident Media Group, and his son Mark Gottlieb, who is growing his list and has been groomed to work in his family’s business from the start…


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