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Takari Lee Reveals Her Reasons Behind Writing The Tell-All Book About Her Mother,

Tuesday, August 08, 2017 9:03 AM

Monya Fleming

Takari Lee Reveals Her Reasons Behind Writing The Tell-All Book About Her Mother, "BBW" Star Jackie Christie

There have been claims by “Basketball Wives” star Jackie Christie’s estranged daughter, Takari Lee, that her mother was cruel to her during her childhood. 

Lee has now shared a video to explain the reasons behind her decision to address their strained relationship in her new book, Light to Her Shadow: The Takari Lee Christie Story.

Takari decided to release a video to explain her motive for penning the book. 

In the clip, she said, “I am a dark-skinned, curvy woman with a speech impediment due to being born with hearing loss. While society has told young girls what the standards of beauty are for so long, I couldn’t understand why I found those same standards at home, and from the person I felt should have loved me the most. I’m asked, ‘Why write a book about my mother?’ Simply put, I did not write a book about my mother, more so on the dynamic of our relationship, or the lack thereof, of a relationship. After reprogramming myself, telling myself that I am worthy of love, that I am good enough, it was therapeutic to write everything down everything I went through to get where I am at today, and share it to whoever cares to listen. Light to her Shadow is not a bashing of anyone. It’s simply me shedding light on a place of hurt no child should ever have to feel.”

Check out the video below: 

On the season finale of “Basketball Wives”, Evelyn Lozada read an advance copy of the book, Lights to Her Shadow: The Takari Lee Christie Story, and is brought to tears. 

Lozada is shown reading an excerpt from the book, which stated, “My mother would buy big jugs of vinegar and transfer them into 8 oz bottles that I had to drink all the time.” Apparently, Christie always believed her daughter had a weight problem and was trying to have her fill up on the vinegar. 

Evelyn is shown breaking down into tears as she read Takari’s book. It stated, “My mother took issue with everything about me. ‘Why are you chewing like that? That bite is too big. Why are you breathing so hard? Are you retarded? What’s wrong with you, girl'”

One section even discussed the fact that Takari wrote her first suicide note at the tender age of 11-years-old. The book reads, “In this life, I no longer feel any happiness. My mother hates me and is turning everyone against me, even my grandmother.”

Lozada is brought to tears reading excerpts from the book. In a confessional video, Evelyn stated that she knew the book would be a tough read. The reality star said, “But I can’t imagine what Takari went through, and it just confirmed to me that Jackie is a bigger monster than what we have seen.”

This season of “Basketball Wives” has show Jackie and Evelyn beefing over Lozada’s decision to donate to Takari’s GoFundMe account after her son was badly burned in daycare. Evelyn was simply trying to help, but Jackie too offense to her actions and thought she should mind her own business. 

From the desk of #JackieChristie’s daughter #TakariLee

Takari’s tell-all book about her mother will hit bookshelves on August 31st.

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