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How to Take your Self Publishing to a New Level

So you been self publishing for awhile and have a handful of books in the marketplace. They did reasonably well for a bit and now – not so much. Does this sound familiar? I know it does for me.

Sometimes we just need a fresh perspective or a new distinction. Maybe we just need to step out of the comfort of our own boxes. Maybe we need to put ourselves out there just a little bit more. There is one tool that all of us have when it comes to promotion and self publishing. That tool is our creativity and each of us have our very own brand of innovation which makes us stand out from the crowd. The question is are we willing to use it to our advantage?

New Self Publishing Perspectives

I encourage you to check out these articles that gave me a fresh perspective and I hope it does the same for you:

Creative Book Marketing & Promotion Ideas for Indie Authors and Self-published Books

Over on our private ALLi members’ forum (one of many great reasons to join ALLi!) there never seems to be a shortage of unusual but effective book promotion ideas. Some are cleverly engineered on purpose, others are stumbled across by chance. How they evolve is less important than the fact that THEY WORK! They’re often low-budget too. Here’s the latest harvest of neat ideas from ALLi author members around the world.

Using Podcasts to Promote Your Self Published Book

Perhaps you’ve heard about podcasts? These are recorded sessions of either music or talking. Podcasts that focus on books are perfect because they are already written (so you aren’t making something up at the same time you record) and they are either entertaining or educational (or both).

The Author’s Path: The Journey to Publication

Today I’m happy to share an exclusive with my readers: a detailed look at how NetGalley’s Stuart Evers and Myfanwy Collins went from manuscript to publication. They offer a comprehensive look at their publishing experience, including marketing and PR advice.


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