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Your Summer Reading List: 25 Must-Read Marketing Books

When summer rolls around, we are all looking for an excuse to sit out under the sun. What better than reading a book that pulls you in and won’t let go?

And, if you happen to be absorbing information and insights that expand your horizons professionally, so much the better.

Sometimes educational reading can be dry and dull. With so many activities competing for your attention during the lengthy daylight of July and August, it takes a truly compelling page-turner to ward off distractions and commit to a relaxing read.

Our summer reading list has plenty to offer in that regard. We picked 12 of our favorites, with a heavy focus on breaking through and capturing attention in today’s cluttered environment. Then, we asked the authors to recommend books that have inspired and influenced them along the way.

The result is a collection of top-notch modern marketing books that will perfectly complement a day at the beach, or in the backyard hammock. Think of it as leisurely learning: laying out and soaking in rays has never been so productive!

Attempting to manufacture viral content is a chronically recurring folly in marketing. Without a true understanding of what drives social influence and word-of-mouth, you’re not likely to find success. Berger spent more than a decade rigorously researching these very subjects, and he lays out his findings in this entertaining read full of examples and case studies.

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