5 Effective Ways To Come Up With Writing Ideas

5 Effective Ways to Come Up with Writing Ideas

We’re taught that there is always one correct answer at school, which blocks creativity for writers. Do you remember putting your hand up in class and giving an answer that made everyone laugh?

5 Effective Ways to Come Up with Writing Ideas

The ‘right’ answer was the one in the textbook or the mind of the teacher. However, your response was not necessarily wrong – maybe it was just more original and creative. The expectation that artists and scientists should do what they are expected to do has never produced anything new. But, according to the theories and expectations of the time, they produced the wrong answers.

Think logically, but suspend your thinking. New ideas can be stifled by logic. You indeed need to apply logic in many situations, but writing is not one of them. Instead, think laterally, backward, and from front to back.

Finding those great writing ideas

You don’t get great ideas while sitting at your desk trying to be inspired. Hammering away at something and putting pressure on yourself isn’t conducive to finding a solution. The problem occupies so much of your mind that an answer is impossible to come up with. Use these tips to help you come up with ideas:

Spend time relaxing

An idea can come to you while you’re walking, reading a book, or just relaxing in the bath. Perhaps you will find a solution to a problem that has been preventing you from writing. The key to effective writing is alternating periods of intense work with periods of relaxation.

Understand the importance of doing nothing

Take some time to think. People these days are so surrounded by noise and activity that they rarely get time to let their minds wander. The usage of mobile phones, listening to music, and reading the newspaper are commonplace on the bus and the train. Do nothing but watch the world pass by out the window. Consider spending 30 minutes observing the pigeons and trees in the park at lunchtime. Alternatively, you can relax at home for just 20 minutes and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Don’t forget to play

Play is another way to generate ideas. You’ll have an easier time coming up with great ideas if you make your writing fun. In addition, you’ll find yourself more creative if you consider writing a game to play rather than a chore to accomplish.

Ask ‘What if?’

Innovative thinkers often ask ‘What if?’ before proceeding.’ and did not settle for the first answer offered. ‘What if?’ Writers should ask themselves this question often. Would it be worth it to discover a way to extend life? Would it be possible for someone to steal his drug recipe? How would you handle it if his life was in danger from a rival pharmaceutical company?

Embrace your mistakes

Making mistakes is part of the creative process. No one achieves anything if they don’t make mistakes. Sometimes, mistakes can end up being a blessing; you can not only learn from them but also reinterpret them in order to come up with something much more original than what you had initially planned.

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