books about mythical creatures

Books About Mythical Creatures

Mythical creatures have long fascinated society through a variety of mediums. Beginning with scribbles on cave walls, humans have created the creatures once only seen in their minds.

Thanks to these books about mythical creatures we can observe them in perhaps the greatest detail we’ve ever seen – thanks to talented artists.

Many of these creatures were spawned from the written form and have now sprung to life in paintings and other images.

Using mythical creatures in story

People who love to write in the fantasy genre often create epic creatures to ratchet up the suspense and excitement. Since creating fiction in a fantasy land, world-building is very important to fantasy authors. A great way to authenticate a newly created fantasy world is to use mythical creatures.

Whenever creating books about mythical creatures and the world in which they dwell, they must be plausible and realistic. This means that great care must be given to describing how the world is different than the one we know – no assumptions can be made.

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