books about toxic relationships

Books About Toxic Relationships

Unfortunately, toxic relationships are growing in our society simply because the number of toxic people is getting larger. Examine any type of mental disorder and most likely you will learn that it’s become more prevalent.

We can blame this on many things such as exposure to negative environments, family issues, social issues, and so forth. Life is becoming more complex, so it stands to reason that social disorders and mental health issues will follow suit.

Regardless of those things, the result is that we must learn to deal with these personalities in order to survive everyday life. Thus, these books about toxic relationships will go a long way in helping us survive with minimal damage.

Toxic people

Toxic people are usually wounded deep inside for a certain reason. To make things worse, they’ve been unable to take responsibility or even acknowledge their wounding, and the subsequent problems in their life that are caused by it.

So in a sense, it’s not really the people who have a nature of being toxic, rather they are deeply wounded. But their unconscious actions towards those around them are seen as toxic because it is both damaging and hurtful to other people.

In most cases, they have no awareness of their subconscious desire to hurt others and are completely ignorant that they are doing this because of a poor self-image. This is why those of us who live around them need to inform ourselves and read toxic relationship books to protect ourselves.


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