How To Develop The Strong Habit Of Writing Daily

How to Develop the Strong Habit of Writing Daily

One reality that cannot be ignored is that we all have the same 24 hours to work with every day. What sets up apart is how we choose to use this time that is allotted to us.

This is especially true for writers. There are no shortcuts to creating great content that attracts readers and keeps them around for good. How we spend our working time writing will determine that result in the end.

How to Develop the Strong Habit of Writing Daily

The strongest mental tool

Whether they be writers or not, successful people will often tell us that their most powerful tool is their ability to focus.

Our focus hones in on the most important things, and as we continue to sharpen our focus, we get clearer and clearer on what needs to be done. Focus is a process that continues to improve once you begin employing its power.

Now imagine how powerful this mental tool would be when combined with a well-coordinated writing plan.

The biggest obstacle

Now that we know that focus is perhaps our most potent weapon, we also need to consider the biggest obstacle in our lives when developing a daily habit of writing.

Every day when it comes down to choosing whether to write or do something else, the biggest motivator usually comes from what we want to do most at any given moment. Unfortunately, we are typically choosing between writing and things we enjoy doing.

We’ll have to force ourselves to write when we want to watch TV, or we want to mess around with our friends on social media, or we might want to go shopping. This will be our biggest obstacle – coming up with a reason to work toward our writing goal when we’re not motivated.

This is precisely why we need to develop a daily habit of writing.

Don’t quit doing the things you love – that would only make you unhappy. Instead, carve out some time to achieve your daily goal. When you’ve written your 2000 words for the day (or whatever number of words you’ve targeted), then have some fun and do the things you enjoy. Those things will make you a better writer.

Finding the custom fit

If you’ve ever read about great writers and how they work, you’ll discover that many of them have crafted their routines. While all of them may set goals and establish deadlines, they’ll also have unique approaches that work exclusively for them.

This is the one beautiful thing about writing is that you can make it work for you.

For me, I have discovered that outlines make writing much more manageable. After that, I found that outlines are not very difficult to set up. In fact, I can craft an outline in less than 15 minutes – consistently.

So what I’d do is spend about 20 minutes every day right before lunch planning an outline for an article. This way, I could write my article in about 30-45 minutes, and I would do this later in the day. If I wanted to write more articles, I would prepare more outlines during the day.

Now that I write full time, I prepare about 3-4 outlines early in the morning and usually have all the articles written by lunchtime. I am not suggesting you write in this manner – that is up to you.

I am only pointing out that you have to find what works best for you and be open to various suggestions. Let your subconscious mind make suggestions, and don’t be afraid to try them out.

Final thoughts

Many of us are very busy living life in a complex world. However, there are ways to bust through the daily chaos and achieve your writing goals.

Be willing to identify a few slow times during your day to perform tasks that will make your writing easier. Collect information and ideas in your head that will streamline your writing process.

Remember, it only takes one or two great ideas to find a game-changer that has a real impact on your life.

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