Books About Self-Harm

books about Self harm

Sadly, there are several forms of self-harm that humans use against themselves. These range from suicide to self-mutilating. When dealing with something as complex as the human mind, there is an infinite number of reasons for this self-abuse. If you…

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Books About Reincarnation

books about reincarnation

Reincarnation has been one of humankind’s biggest mysteries. Many of society’s deepest thinkers have pondered its existence and origin. The entire construct of ‘reincarnation’ literally means “to take on the flesh again.” As the world’s various civilizations took root and…

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Books About Lilith

books about lilith

Legend has it that Lilith was the real first woman who was created before Eve. She immediately informed Adam that women are equal since they came from the same earth as men. Since then, a demonic version of Lilith has…

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