books about Self harm

Books About Self-Harm

Sadly, there are several forms of self-harm that humans use against themselves. These range from suicide to self-mutilating. When dealing with something as complex as the human mind, there is an infinite number of reasons for this self-abuse.

If you need to learn more to help yourself or a loved one, then we recommend you check out one or more of these books about self-harm. It’s important that you understand when a professional needs to be consulted – if you are not sure, then contact one immediately.

Origin of self-harm

For certain individuals, anxiety and depression can lead to an assortment of emotions, this can cause them to start self-harming as a release. Any time a person hurts themselves on purpose, we consider it to be self-harm. Believe it or not, people that self-harm usually does not contemplate suicide. Instead, they conduct self-harm to hope them cope and release painful emotions.

There is no standard type of self-harm because it manifests itself differently in each person. This is why it’s important to read self-harm books to get the complete picture.

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