books about lilith

Books About Lilith

Legend has it that Lilith was the real first woman who was created before Eve. She immediately informed Adam that women are equal since they came from the same earth as men.

Since then, a demonic version of Lilith has subsumed the original independent thinking Lilith to the point where the name has been associated with new age figures. Thus, much of this alternative demonic image is believed to have shaped men’s thoughts, feelings, and treatment of women for generations.

Many feel that it’s time to reassess the Lilith myth. These books about Lilith delve more deeply into the stories and current social movements pertaining to her legacy.

Story of Lilith

The story of Lilith comes with a mysterious and complex history, even for a spiritual being. When you search for information about her, you are going to find an assortment of stories, legends, and myths.

As a figure that has been debated for many centuries, it’s not usual to see Lilith depicted as a harmless maiden to a blood-thirsty vampire to a scantily clad seductress.

She is certainly is a mythological figure in a general sense. She is often blended in with Jewish traditions and practices – among many other assumptions about her.

Perhaps the earliest reference to Lilith comes from 2400 BC, in a demon list from Samaria. The list goes on to identify a fearsome assortment of succubus-like ‘Lillu-demons,’ who supposedly visit men while they sleep – where they seduce them and give them grotesque children.

The demonic version of Lilith is strongly associated with evil and infanticide. She appears throughout many ancient legends from the Greeks, Hittites, Egyptians, and Israelites.

Perhaps these books about Lilith might clarify the current perception of her image.

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