books about reincarnation

Books About Reincarnation

Reincarnation has been one of humankind’s biggest mysteries. Many of society’s deepest thinkers have pondered its existence and origin.

The entire construct of ‘reincarnation’ literally means “to take on the flesh again.” As the world’s various civilizations took root and evolved, many beliefs about the afterlife got blended, modified, and was even the victim of discrimination at times.

Hopefully, these books about reincarnation will help clarify its meaning and intention.

More about reincarnation

Scholars have long claimed that the original belief in reincarnation spawned from some early Buddhist customs and traditions. While reincarnation books over the years have made several claims, the interesting thing is that it actually belongs to many Hindu doctrines.

Samsara is the term that describes the life cycle of birth, death, and then rebirth. And it is the soul that makes all these transitions in the end. The soul makes a home within a flesh body, exits that body when death occurs, and finally comes back to Earth while assuming a new physical form.

Oddly enough, the goal of samsara is not to stay in the cycle for eternity.

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